Classes & Timetables


Mon 3.30  –  4.45 Combination  

Mon 5.00  –  7.00 Combination  

Mon 6.00  –  8.00 Combination  

Mon 7.00  –  8.00   Senior Singing Class

Mon 8.00  –  10.00 Combination( 

Mon 3.300  –  9.00 individual solo singing classes


Tues 5.45  –  7.15 5th Year Leaving Cert Music Programme

Tue 6.30  –  8.00  6th Year Leaving Cert Music Programme

Tue 6.30  –  7.30  Private Ballet Class

Tue 7.00  –  8.00  Grade 6 Ballet

Tue 8.00  –  8.45  Pointe Class

Tue 8.00  –  9.00  Intermediate Choir Class


Wed 3.00  –  4.15  Ballet and Tap Class  

Wed 4.30  –  6.30  Ballet and Tap Grade 2 / 3

Wed 6.30  –  9.30  Ballet / Tap and Modern Grade 4 / 5

Wed 8.00  –  10.00  Senior Medals Drama and Dance Combination


Thur 6.00  –  9.00  Ballet / Tap / Modern  Grades 4  /  5   

Thur 7.00  –  9.00  Tap and Jazz Grade 6  

Thur 9.00  –  10.00  Ballet grade Inter Foundation


Fri 3.00  –  9.00  Individual solo singing classes

Fri 3.30  –  5.00  Ballet and Tap Grade 1

Fri 5.00  –  7.00 Combination Class 

Fri 6.00  –  8.00  Combination Class 

Fri 8.00  –  10.00  Combination Integration Class


Sat 10.00  –  11.15 Combination Class  

Sat 10.00  –  11.30 Combination Class  

Sat 11.30  –  1.00 Combination Class 

Sat 1.00  –  2.30 Combination Class  

Sat 2.30  –  4.30 Combination Class 

Sat 2.30  –  3.30    

Sat 4.30  – 5.30    

Sat 3.30  –  4.30  Individual solo singing classes

Sat 5.30  –  6.30  Acro dance class  


Sun 12.00  – 6.00  Individual solo singing classes


Fri 4.00  –  5.30  Combination Class   

Fri 5.30  –  7.30  Combination Class  


Sat 10.00  –  11.15 Combination Class  

Sat11.30  –  1.30 Combination Class  

Sat 1.30  –  3.00 Combination Class  

Sat 3.00  –  4.30 Combination Class 

Sat 4.30  –  6.00 Combination Class 

Speech & Drama

We provide the widest possible range of Speech, Drama, Theatre Skills, Public Speaking, Dance and Singing for our students and this is reflected in our schedule of classes.

Speech intended to encourage our pupils to attain a good standard of speech.  Work on voice and diction coupled with the study, appreciation, and interpretation of literature, including Shakespeare.

Acting helps our pupils with all aspects of communication.  This section covers naturalness, spontaneity, clarity, diction, interpretation, and presentation of dramatists, past and present.

Mime improvised mimes are an excellent way of cultivating spontaneity and physical freedom.

Improvisation develops creativity and awareness.  It encourages our pupils clarity, openness and communication.

Public Speaking helps our pupils to express themselves clearly and naturally.  It helps to build confidence and prepare our pupils for interviews.

Group Recital this establishes discipline, releases inhibitions and builds confidence and makes the individual aware not only of his or her own physical and mental potential but those of his / her fellow group members.

Interactive Spoken English designed to enable pupils to develop communication, presentation, and social skills in an interactive situation.

Choral Speaking helps to develop control of voice, widen the range of expression, overcome shyness and self-consciousness.  Excellent programme for speech work.


Ballet the basis of all dance – creating beauty through line.  It develops control, exactness and posture.

Jazz originated from the Southern States of America in 1920s.  Its fast, energetic and acrobatic moves are performed smoothly and without visible strain.

Contemporary / Creative  Dance this unique style incorporates a trinity of dance, drama and music together to develop both the dancer / actor as one, through a combination of contemporary modern and street jazz techniques.

Modern Dance is the umbrella term used to describe contemporary Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance.

Modern Theatre Dance is the popular “Show-Biz” type of dance in Musical Theatre and Film.

Tap is a form of dance wherein rhythm sounds are created by the feet.  It develops accuracy, speed and timing.


Singing for pupils who wish to develop their singing and voice skills especially for performance.  Solo classes can be arranged by contacting the Academy.

Singing Group Auditions for to join the class will take place in the Academy.  Students will be invited to join this group.

Action Song Class A new class will be formed to cater for the specific needs of this facility.  It is compulsory to join this class for those interested in performing in festivals.


Introducing Film Course

Present yourself for camera, learn and have fun.  Course includes writing scripts, working with the camera, contrasting stage and screen acting styles and working on audition pieces.


Have you ever considered improving your steps or learning a new dance? CADA now has a series of Dance classes aimed at adults who want to trip the light fantastic – without the tripping!

Please ask for more details – (021) 486 6389

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