WELCOME TO CADA Performing Arts

At CADA Performing Arts, pupils will gain in self-confidence, self-esteem, strong team skills. These skills are taught in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and will benefit you throughout your life. We are a family.

CADA Performing Arts is a centre for performers, communicators and explorers who use CADA as a place where they can stretch themselves, make new friends, learn new skills and discover how much they can grow.  But most importantly to have fun while reaching their potential.


Diary Dates to remember 2019 – 2020


Thur 29th ; Enrolments Pine Street  6.00  –  10.00pm

Fri  30th;     Enrolments Pine Street, new pupils


Sat 31st;      Enrolments, Riverstown N.S. Glanmire from 10.00  –  2.00pm

Mon 9th ;    Enrolments; Mall Arts Centre, Youghal from 4.00  –  6.00pm

Mon 9th;     All classes resume in Pine Street and Glanmire

Sun 15th ;   Auditions for Jack and the Beanstalk, Junior Chorus – this is the only audition 

                    date, no other auditions can be facilitated.

Mon 16th;  Classes resume Mall Arts Centre, Youghal

Fri 21st;       Culture Night

Fri 29th ;      Rehearsals begin for Junior Chorus, Jack and the Beanstalk


28th;              Rehearsal begin, Full Company Jack and the Beanstalk

28th  – 3rd  ;  Midterm Break  Monday  –   Sunday inclusive


Mon 4th;       Academy re-opens after Midterm

21st Nov;      Closing date Feis Maitiu Entries

29th Nov;      Jack and the Beanstalk opens


Fri 7th;           Academy closes for Christmas Holidays

January 2020;

Mon 6th;       Academy re-opens

                       Fees in for exams

                       Preparation for Feis / Exams


17th – 21st ;  Midterm

                      Feis Maitiu ongoing

                       Dance Exams;  Date TBC


                       Beyond the Curtain, Cork Arts Theatre    Dates TBC

Mon 17th;     St  Patrick’s Day


6th   – 19th;   Easter Holidays

Mon 20th;    Academy reopens after Easter


29th April – 3rd May;   Cork International Choral Festival       

                      Preparation for Dance Showcase 2019

                      Dance Showcase Dates to be confirmed                 

June;             Holidays

July;              Summer Camps at Scoil na nOg and Cork School of Music

Production to be confirmed


Auditions for Jack and the Beanstalk

Sunday 15 th September
4 – 7 years; 10.00 am – 11.15am
8 – 10 years; 11.30 am – 1.00 pm
11 – 14 years; 1.15 pm – 3.00pm

(a) A piece of a song – prepared on the day
(b) A dance routine – prepared on the day
(c) Introduce themselves, say why they want to do Panto
(d) A piece of improvisation

1 Grooming very important
2 On time for the audition, please come to the correct time for your age,
eg; if you are 10 on the day please come to the 8 – 10 age group.
3 Commitment to the rehearsals – 7 weekends before opening date.
Rehearsals cannot be missed, parties etc forfeited. If you can’t commit
don’t come to the audition.
4 If you cannot attend the audition on the day then it is not possible to be in
the Panto, as full creative team are only available on this day.

Catherine Mahon-Buckley

Timetable for CADA Performing Arts 2019 – 2020


3.30  –  4.45;  4  –  6 years

5.00  –  7.00;  12 – 14 years

6.00  –  8.00;  15 – 16 years

8.00  –  10.00;  16 years plus

Pavla;  3.30  –  9.00

Jessica;  Pop singing classes;  3.30  –  8.15


Leaving Cert Music;  5.45  –  8.00  5th and 6th years

Singing class over 14 years;  8.00  –  9.00

Adult choir;  9.00  –  10.00

Grade 4 Ballet;  5.00  –  6.00

Senior Ballet + pointe;  6.00  

Acro junior 8  –  11 years;  7.30  –  8.30

                    12 plus;             8.30  –  9.30  

Pavla;  If needed 


3.00  –  4.15;  Baby ballet and tap

4.15  –  7.00;  Grade 3 ballet/tap/ modern ages 11  –  13 years

6.30  –  9.30;  Ballet / tap/ modern age 14 plus

8.00  –  10.00;  Senior drama / dance performance class

Pavla;  if needed


5.00  –  7.00;  Modern / tap grade 4/5

6.00  –  7.00;  Inter Modern

7.00  –  8.30;  Competition team

8.30  –  9.30;  Adult dance

Jessica;  singing assessment  4.15  –  8.15

Friday;  Pine Street

3.00  –  6.30;  Pavla

3.30  –  5.00;  Ballet / tap  ages 8  –  9 years

5.00  –  6.00;   Commercial from 14 years

6.00  –  7.00;  Commercial  9  –  13 years

6.00  –  8.00;  16 years plus

8.00  –  10.00;  Integration

Friday;  Glanmire

4.00  –  5.30;  11  –  13 years

5.30  –  7.30;  14 years plus

7.45  –  8.45;  commercial dance

Saturday;  Pine Street

10.00  –  11.15;  3  –  5 years

10.00  –  11.30;  5  –  7 years

11.30  –  1.00;  7 – 9 years

1.00  –  2.30;  9  –  10 years

1.00  –  2.30;  11  – 12 years

2.30  –  4.30;  13  –  15 years 

2.30  –  3.30;  10 and under singing

3.30  –  4.30;  13 and under singing

Saturday;  Glanmire

10.00  –  11.15;  3  –  5 years

11.30  –  1.30;  12  –  13 years

1.30  –  3.00;  5  –  7 years

3.00  –  4.30;  8  –  9 years

4.30  –  6.00;  10 years


Ballet the basis of all dance – creating beauty through line. It develops control, strength and posture.

Jazz originated from the Southern States of America in the 1920’s. Jazz dance is an umbrella term that can refer to several related dance styles. It has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years, its fast, energetic movements are performed smoothly without visible strain.



We provide the widest possible range of Speech, Drama, Theatre Skills, Public Speaking, Dance and Singing for our students and this is reflected in our schedule of classes.

Speech intended to encourage our pupils to attain a good standard of speech.  Work on voice and diction coupled with the study, appreciation and interpretation of literature, including Shakespeare.

Acting helps our pupils with all aspects of communication.  This section covers naturalness, spontaneity, clarity, diction, interpretation and presentation of dramatists, past and present.


Singing for pupils who wish to develop their singing and voice skills especially for performance.  Solo classes can be arranged by contacting the Academy.

Singing Group Auditions for to join the class will take place in the Academy.  Students will be invited to join this group.

A poem from a past pupil

The Mirror 
by Ben Mulcahy

I sat in the centre of a room
It had three white walls
Nothing special
Just plastered and painted
Could have been recreated anywhere by anyone,
On the fourth wall – there is a mirror
The mirror gives meaning to this place
What we see in it makes everything clear
We see the people

It is the passion shared between these few,
They watch with tentative joy at what in any other company would be a very dull affair
Soaking up the rare spectacle, people doing something they love
Through the mirror,
They hurry and fluster about,
With the run up to the show
Like a well oiled machine,
Everyone with a role to play,
Collective, working towards a goal
A true wonder in this world

From the mirror we witness the hard work that motivates me
The sound of inside jokes, crafted from memories of time well spent
They resound pleasantly in my ears

In this mirror, I look upon faces of friends,
Safe in the knowledge that the undoubtable
Talent that circled the room was destined for greatness.

I felt honoured, not only to be amongst the best teachers, leaders and students
But honoured to have found the only group I have known with such a natural ability to work together
There was no conflict, rivalry, no groups, cliques or “cool kids”
Everyone was free to be whoever, whatever, they wanted.

In this mirror I felt myself in the presence of the best in humanity
All in one room, thick as thieves

With this exact moment, in this inimitable mirror – time had stopped.
I had found its’ purpose, my purpose!
A meaning I had never felt before
I saw this place with fresh eyes
It isn’t about the white walls,
It is what is in “The Mirror”.

This, a place I could call home
A place, I would always be welcome

A tribute to CADA from Ben Mulcahy of his time as a pupil.

Ben is now in Dublin studying Economics


“CADA Is where I learnt how to be a triple threat performer. I was exposed to the various disciplines of Theatre and encouraged to combine these skills through many wonderful performance opportunities. The nurturing faculty of the highest standard enabled me to grow in confidence both as a performer and an individual. The discipline and theatre etiquette that was instilled in me at CADA is something that has greatly enhanced my professional career. I made friends and memories for life, the academy holds a very fond place in my heart.”

Kate Anne Fenton

“One of the best things that ever happened to our son Diarmuid, over ten years ago, was finding CADA. Diarmuid has special needs and his dance and drama theater class every week has helped him to develop into a fine young man. He has gained an appreciation of the arts and performing has become his first love. The dedication to students by Catherine Mahon Buckley and her staff is second to none. Student safety is paramount and CADA is an academy where enjoyment and performance are encouraged in an inclusive setting. I would recommend CADA highly to anyone who loves the stage.”

Katherine O’Leary (Diarmuid’s Mum)

“CADA was a home for me I spent 10 of the best years of my life there and wouldn’t change a thing, the friendships, training and family atmosphere is incredible. Getting to perform in the Everyman Panto every year taught me more than I could imagine and gave me the confidence to perform on stage.”

Brian Murray