I started CADA when I was six years old and 12 years later, with college looming, I’m sad to say my time in CADA has come to a pause, but my love for it certainly has not. I auditioned for my first pantomine (Little red riding hood) when I was 7 years old and 9 pantomines later it’s safe to say my initial stage fright is gone and the stage has now become my second home. However, CADA has not only provided me with a cure to my stage fright or taught me how to actually use my shiny red tap shoes, it has helped me make the most wonderful, supportive friends, many of whom I know I’ll be friends with for life.

At six years old I attended just one class a week in CADA, this was a drama and dance class. As the years went on my love for CADA increased and so did the number of classes I attended. By the age of 16 not only was I still attending my drama classes but was attending group and solo singing classes as well as ballet, tap and jazz classes. Yes, I was attending these classes because I loved them but it was also my friends and especially the teachers that kept me coming back each year. The great thing about the teachers in CADA is their personalities. Each teacher has their own individual teaching style and personality making every class just as enjoyable as the next. In all of the classes I have listed above the teachers encouraged us to take yearly exams in them such as the LAMDA exams for musical theatre and for drama. They also encouraged us to take part in various competitions such as the Feis Mathieu musical theatre and acting competitions. Yes we as students had to do a lot of work and preparation for these exams and competitions but the grades we achieved would not have been possible without the tireless work that all the teachers at CADA put in.

One name you cannot forget when you talk about CADA is Catherine Mahon Buckley and for me Catherine Mahon Buckley has been a central part of my CADA experience. From helping me in preparing for my LAMDA exams to giving me well needed advice on my college choices, Ms Mahon Buckley’s door was always open and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

As I’ve said above my time in CADA has come to a pause, but a pause is not a stop, and I’m certain that, when the time is right, I’ll be walking through Pine street’s doors once again and continuing my CADA journey.

Vicki Purcell, August 2017

CADA Is where I learnt how to be a triple threat performer. I was exposed to the various disciplines of Theatre and encouraged to combine these skills through many wonderful performance opportunities. The nurturing faculty of the highest standard enabled me to grow in confidence both as a performer and an individual. The discipline and theatre etiquette that was instilled in me at CADA is something that has greatly enhanced my professional career. I made friends and memories for life, the academy holds a very fond place in my heart.

Kate Anne Fenton

“One of the best things that ever happened to our son Diarmuid, over ten years ago, was finding CADA. Diarmuid has special needs and his dance and drama theater class every week has helped him to develop into a fine young man. He has gained an appreciation of the arts and performing has become his first love. The dedication to students by Catherine Mahon Buckley and her staff is second to none. Student safety is paramount and CADA is an academy where enjoyment and performance are encouraged in an inclusive setting. I would recommend CADA highly to anyone who loves the stage.”

Katherine O’Leary (Diarmuid’s Mum)

CADA was a home for me I spent 10 of the best years of my life there and wouldn’t change a thing, the friendships, training and family atmosphere is incredible. Getting to perform in the Everyman Panto every year taught me more than I could imagine and gave me the confidence to perform on stage

Brian Murray

From the very first time I stepped into CADA performing arts at the age of 8 I was welcomed with open arms. A place full of love, support and loyalty where my imagination was allowed to run wild and free. Not only did I learn skills to improve my acting, singing and dancing abilities but I was also taught how to express myself truly. CADA and it’s teachers gave me opportunity after opportunity. From annual pantomimes where I became a part of a team, learning to communicate with other people (a major skill needed in the theatre world) to making life-long friends that I will cherish forever. From playing parts such as Jennyanydots in CADA’s production of CATs the musical to my favourite role as Madame Thenardier in CADA’s production of Les Miserables I was given the chance to put my own twist on the characters making them come to life the way I wanted them to. Catherine Mahon-Buckley has given me every chance and every opportunity I wanted to experience. She nourishes our talents and helps the students to improve their theatrical skills immensely. In CADA I took numerous LAMDA, ISTD and RAD exams where under the guidance of my teachers I achieved highly in all exams across the board. Without Ms.Mahon-Buckley and the fellow other teaching staff at CADA I would never have reached my highest potential. To me CADA is like a second home, a place where I feel safe and comfortable; ‘a place where friends are made and talent sparkles.’ Although I have now flown from the nest after the best last 10 years spent here, I will always keep CADA close to my heart and will always be a regular visitor to this growing family.

Orlaith Cahill